Top 10 Christian articles recommended for new Christians

Top 10 recommended articles for new Christians

It can be exciting coming to a website full of new information, but to some it can be a bit overwhelming.  Where do I start?  What do I do first?  I know that feeling!

In our super-saturated internet culture, unless something just “pops out” and grabs our attention, an information-rich website, after one or two pages, is passed over for websites that splash, pop, fizz, explode and bedazzle us.  But don’t get distracted by the endless buffet of digital “junk food”!  It fills you for a moment, but it lacks real substance or spiritual nutrition.

I am reminded of something Erwin Lutzer, senior pastor of Moody Church in Chicago, once said, “If we are not nourished by the bread from heaven, we will satiate ourselves with crumbs from the world.  And once we’re addicted to the world’s nourishment, our appetite for God is spoiled.”

So if you’re a new Christian or one who just needs to refresh your walk with God and get refocused, here are my top 10 recommended articles in order just for you.

  1. How to Live a Fruitful and Successful Christian Life
  2. Failure and Forgiveness
  3. New Nature, New Conflict
  4. Tactics Against Temptation
  5. Who Needs a Quiet Time? You Do!
  6. The Quiet Time Experiment
  7. Suggestions of Things to Pray About
  8. Will Power
  9. Victory Through Biblical Thinking
  10. Priorities: Who or What Comes First?


Trust and obey! (Psa. 84:11-12)


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