With 470-500 million people speaking Spanish, Spanish is ranked as the second largest spoken language in the world after Chinese.

It has been on the heart of the Campus Christians Ministry for awhile to translate our material into Spanish and to help build up our brothers and sisters in Christ who speak Spanish only or primarily and to aid in the ministry to and among Spanish speakers.

We praise the Lord Most High for opening a door to expand our ministry efforts in this direction. Please pray for the translators and the translation work, as Satan will oppose any work that advances the gospel of Christ, builds up the saints or hinders the expansion of his lies.

If you believe the Spirit is leading you to pray further for our ministry, pray that God will raise up excellent translators in the Chinese and Hindi languages. Also, we will continue to add new material in English, so come back often for new English and Spanish materials to build up the Church.

Here are the new Spanish articles:


Tu hermano en Cristo, Theophilus (Efesios 4:11-16)


Let us know what you think.