What To Do About Worry by Jay E. Adams

What To Do About Worry by Jay E. AdamsJoe used to worry all of the time about everything. His friends all knew him as a worrier. One day Bill was walking down the street when he saw his worrying friend bouncing along as happy as a man could be. Joe was actually whistling and humming and wearing a huge smile; he looked as if he did not have a care in the world. Bill could hardly believe his eyes; it was obvious that a radical transformation had taken place. Bill had known Joe from way back as an inveterate worrier, so he had to find out what had happened.

He stopped Joe and asked, “Joe, what’s happened to you? You don’t seem worried anymore; I never saw a happier man.” Joe replied, “It’s wonderful Bill, I haven’t worried for several weeks now.” Bill continued, “That’s great; how did you manage it? What brought about the change?” Joe explained, “You see, I hired a man to do all of my worrying for me.” “You hired a man to do all of your worrying for you?” “Right,” Joe assured him. “Well,” Bill mused, “I must say that that is a new wrinkle; tell me, how much does he charge you?” “A thousand dollars a week.” “A thousand dollars a week? How could you possibly raise a thousand dollars a week to pay him?” Joe answered, “That’s his worry.”   Read more.


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