Creepy girl dripping ice cream from her mouth in Soundgarden video.

I remember watching the creepy girl eating ice cream. As the scene changed from a roasted Barbie Doll to the girl dripping ice cream from her mouth, I remember being creeped out. The whole music video was weird, but I loved it!

I remember driving around with my older brother listening to Soundgarden. My memories are blurry of life as an eight year old, but I do remember that Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden was one of my favorite songs at that age. Even in elementary, I would hum the song. Most of my classmates had no idea what song I was humming. Everyone was stuck listening to Selena.  What I didn’t know was that I was living in a new “rock-n-roll” era, typically called “grunge”.

Soundgarden was one of the bands that made that “genre” flourish. What I also didn’t expect was that I would one day watch the lead singer Chris Cornell play in concert. After Soundgarden broke apart in the late 90’s, I didn’t expect to see Chris Cornell play again. However, in 2007, I watched him play live a few of his famous songs.

A few weeks ago, the world was informed of the tragic death of Chris Cornell. He committed suicide hours after a live performance. At first, it was presumed that someone killed him, but upon further investigation, that theory was debunked. If Courtney Love was a friend of his, then the theory would probably still stand. She did kill Kurt Cobain, right??? However, we now know that it was all his own doing. Some try to blame the type of pill he took (Ativan), which is possible. But once again, we have found out that he actually took more than just one type of pill. He took about five different types of pills.

His death comes as a surprise because he was still on tour. He was expected to play in different cities. His performances seemed exciting and “electrifying” as usual. He even raised his fist in the air giving a sign of triumph during his last performance. It always brings soberness when I hear about these types of tragic deaths. The reason is because here is a man that has everything. He has a family, friends, money, fame and the satisfaction of being an iconic figure of the 90’s, yet he still struggled with anxiety, stress and even depression. How is that even possible? Wouldn’t being a rock star make a man fulfilled? Isn’t popularity one of the sources of satisfaction?

The crude truth that we must all recognize are contained in the lyrics from the British band The Smiths which say,

I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour, but heaven knows I’m miserable now.

We can have all what we want and desire, but those things only last for a while. If we make those things our foundation for fulfillment, then when those things are gone or the excitement of those thing wear off, we are left in the same spot we started – miserable.

Morrissey was not a Christian, but he definitely agreed with King Solomon. All is vanity says the preacher (Eccles. 1:2). Everything is vanity. However, unlike Morrissey, Solomon gives us hope. He lets us know that we can only enjoy life with God. Apart from God, “who can eat, drink, and have enjoyment” (Eccles. 2:25)? Whether you’re Chris Cornell or anyone else for that matter, the reality is “the pleasures of this world are fleeting”. Chris Cornell turned to pills to stay sane. Some people diagnose Chris with the sicknesses of “anxiety” and “depression”. Those same people would think that those “sicknesses” are magically cured by putting drugs in your system. They don’t realize that what Cornell suffered from was not something that could be cured with pills. Chris Cornell needed the grace, forgiveness and joy that only Christ can offer. A man can have riches and wealth, but only God empowers men to enjoy the fruits of their labor (Ecc. 5:18-20).

The last song Chris Cornell performed live was In My Dying Time by Led Zeppelin. The lyrics are “cringey”, because it’s about death. Here are some of the lyrics.

Meet me, Jesus, meet me
Meet me in the middle of the air
If my wings should fail me, Lord
Please meet me with another pair

Chris Cornell will now meet Jesus. Unlike his fans, God will not be impressed with his musical accomplishments or with the “good” that he did in and for society. Most people act like they have angel wings (i.e., giving you the impression that they’re good), but like the lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins once said,

Beware of all those angels with their wings glued on.

Let’s face it, Chris Cornell was no angel. None of us are. And if we think that we can reach heaven by our “angel wings”, we are gravely mistaken. The joy and peace of heaven are given to us simply by trusting in what Jesus Christ has done for us on the cross. We are completely accepted before God even with all our evil deeds because of Christ (Rom. 5:8).

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  • Very well said! I too grew up listening to this song, and I always found the video eerie as well. How can someone who seems to have it all end his life? I used to get troubled by that question a lot, but I like how you quoted from Ecclesiastes. Only God can provide the joy from the fruit of your labors. These guys reach such a “high” that only goes so far here on earth. Once they’re up there, they then realize, “Is this it”? They lose any inch of hope they had. Although he was a nonChristian, I know I’ve fallen into similar ruts, but I’m always reminded of Hebrews 6:19. Chris’s death reminded me once again of our shortness of life and the vanity of the worldly definition of happiness.

    PS: I think Courtney killed Kurt.

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