Are you READY to break out of the mediocre and live an excellent and fruitful Christian life for the One who loved you and gave His life for you? I hope so, because this is why He saved you (2 Cor. 5:15; Rom. 8:29-30; Eph. 2:10; 1 Cor. 10:31).

If this is your goal as it is mine, then it’s important that you know two things: your purpose in life and how to ask yourself good questions before engaging in an activity.

Here are three articles to help you learn God’s purpose for ALL Christians:

As for the second part, these are some questions I’ve asked myself that could possibly help you to better determine if you should engage in a certain activity or not. These question won’t make sense to some or may seem stifling and restrictive to others, but that’s because they are immature in their love for God (or worse, they have lost their first love, Rev. 2:4-5) and/or have not adopted God’s purpose for their lives as their own (whether from ignorance or willful disobedience).

(1) Is this activity really necessary, or is it something non-essential that is not really important to my Christian life?

(2) Is this activity really helpful and profitable, or is it something that I would do just for fun?

(3) Is this activity something that Jesus would do if He were in my place right now?

(4) Does this activity promote or support what is good, right and true according to God’s standards?

(5) Is this activity something that would be a good example of behavior for other Christians to imitate?

(6) Will this activity help me and others around me to become more mature spiritually?

(7) Will my participation in this activity bring glory and praise to God?

(8) If I engage in this activity, can I be sure that some other believer will not be spiritually harmed by following my example?

I suggest writing them down on an index card and keeping them with you until you have them committed to memory (or having them saved some place you look frequently, e.g., your phone, mirror, refrigerator, car, etc.). I also challenge you to see if you can find Scripture verses that are in harmony with the different questions.

These questions have kept me many times from wandering from the good, acceptable and perfect will of God; and, at other times, they have been helpful in restoring my focus on the important.

So, I share them with you for your consideration. Also, if you can think of other questions that might be good to add to this list that I did not include here, feel free to share them below in the comment section. 

May your Christian life be an excellent and fruitful one, Theophilus (2 Cor. 5:15, 20)


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