“Fool” (Heb. “kesil”, “ewil”; Gk. “aphron”, “anoetos”, “moros”, “asunetos”) – is a person who is reckless and has an inconsiderate habit of mind; a person who lacks common sense perception of the reality of things natural and spiritual; one who is rash or senseless; morally worthless.  One who is arrogant, flippant, and mentally dull (Heb. “ewil”).  Or, one who is characterized by a dull and closed mind and is stubborn; stupid (Heb. “kesil”).

Prov. 1:7         What do fools despise?

Do you despise the instruction and wisdom people give you that is biblical, factual, or sound?                      
If not, how do you show/demonstrate that you don’t?


Prov. 1:22       What do fools hate?

Do you hate knowledge/info?

Would your answer depend upon what type of knowledge it is?



Prov. 1:32       What shall destroy fools?

Since this is so, would you qualify to being on your way to destruction because of your complacency (being self-satisfied and, therefore, unaware of dangers regarding various people, situations, choices, associations, and beliefs), and why?


Prov. 3:35       What do fools display?

Do you display/exhibit dishonor (shame, loss of respect from others) because of how you act/conduct yourself or talk?

If you’re not sure, how could you find out?


Prov. 8:5         What are fools told to discern?

Are you pursuing wisdom (i.e., the best or proper application of knowledge and/or facts)?

If so, how are you pursuing it?


Prov. 10:1       What does it say about a foolish son?

How are you viewed by your parents, and why?


Prov. 10:8, 14    What does it say about a babbling fool?

Have you ever fallen into sin, rough circumstances, or physical harm because of needless (motor-mouth) talking?

If so, what happened?

What can you do to prevent this from happening in the future?


Prov. 10:18     Who is a fool?

Would you qualify?

Why do you think that the person who spreads slander/lies is a fool?


Prov. 10:21     Why do fools die?

Do you know of anyone who has physically been harmed or killed because of a lack of understanding or judgment in what he/she said to someone else?

Or, have you?


Prov. 10:23     What is like sport to a fool?

Which is like sport (i.e., enjoyable) to you: sinning or properly applying knowledge and moral truth, and why?


Prov. 12:15     How does a fool view his way, choices, or life?

How do you view the choices you make in life, and why?

Before you make important decisions, do you seek and listen to the counsel of godly Christians, and why?


Prov. 12:16     What is known at once?

Does your anger control you so that you openly show it immediately in indecent expressions of word or actions?

Why do you think the person who has a quick temper is called a fool?

What could he/she do to change (Eph. 5:18; Gal. 5:22-23; Col. 3:12)?


Prov. 12:23; 13:16; 15:2        What does the heart (and/or mouth) of fools proclaim and display?

Do you proclaim and display a lack of sense or a lack of rational conduct?


Prov. 13:19     What is an abomination (extremely disgusting) to fools?

How do you really, deep down feel about departing from your favorite sins, and why?


Prov. 13:20     What will happen to the companion of fools?

Has this ever happened to you because you hung around fools?

If so, what happened to you?


Prov. 14:1       What does the foolish woman do?

Are you or do you know of a housewife (or wife) who because of wastefulness, partying, lack of planning and preparation, laziness, and/or irresponsibility has impoverished or ruined her home?


Prov. 14:3       What is in the mouth of the foolish?

Are your words ever prideful or condemning of others without biblical justification so that it backfires on you by having others smite/strike you back either by word or action?

If so, when?


Prov. 14:7       Why should we leave the presence of a fool?

[Fools speak and act unwisely and, therefore, will taint/corrupt your perception of what’s proper, right, and/or best.].

Has your ability to discern (what counsel/instruction/information is good, right, bad, or wrong) been hindered because of your hanging around fools too long?


Prov. 14:8       What is the folly of fools?

Do you ever represent or state as true what you know to be false or a lie?

If so, why?


Prov. 14:9       What do fools mock at?

Do you ever laugh at or make fun of the committing of sin by you or by someone else, and why?


Prov. 14:16     What is a fool described as?

Are you either of these?             How did you determine your answer?

Do you think other people view you as arrogant and/or careless, and why?


Prov. 14:17     Who acts foolishly?

Is this ever true of you?             If so, why do you think you are this way?


Prov. 15:5       What does a fool reject?

Have you ever rejected this?          Why?


Prov. 15:20     What does a foolish person despise?

Do you despise yours, and why?


Prov. 17:7; 19:10       What is not fitting for a fool?

Why do you think it’s unfitting for a fool (Heb. “nabal” – one who lacks spiritual perception) to declare God’s truths or what’s proper?

Or, why do you think luxury is inappropriate for a fool?


Prov. 17:10     How deep does a rebuke go into one who has understanding?

Why do you think a fool doesn’t learn from being punished?


Prov. 17:12     What is better to meet than a fool in his folly (lack of good sense; stupid behavior)?

Why do you think this is so?


Prov. 17:16     What question is asked?

[i.e., Why would a fool want to acquire wisdom when he has no genuine desire for it?]

Do you have a genuine desire to acquire wisdom, or are you a fool who really doesn’t care, and how is either of your answers demonstrated?


Prov. 17:24     What are the eyes of a fool on?

[Whereas wisdom is a priority and treasured possession of the person of understanding, the fool never discovers wisdom, as his affections/desires are scattered all over on unimportant things or on fantasies.].

Are your affections scattered all over the world (e.g., traveling, money-making, illicit sex, drugs, partying, eating, drinking, materialism, sports-mania, computer-crazy, etc.), or is wisdom a priority and treasured possession of your life, and why?


Prov. 17:28     When is even a fool considered wise?

Why is this so?


Prov. 18:2       What doesn’t and what does a fool delight in?

Do you eagerly try to understand people, political and theological positions, etc., or, do you like to only share your own views on various issues, and why?


Prov. 18:6-7   What does it say about a fool’s lips and mouth?

Do the things you say often create needless arguments, bring you into physical harm, destroy your reputation and/or career, or get you into serious trouble, and why?


Prov. 19:1       Who is better than a fool that is perverse in speech?

Are you rash, reckless, senseless, and say things that are improper/twisted/not right or good?

If you’re not sure, how could you find out?


Prov. 19:3       What does the foolishness of a person do?

Has your way/life ever been undermined or corrupted because of your foolishness/carelessness?

If so, give an example.


Prov. 20:3       What will any fool do?

Do you ever engage in noisy, heated, angry disputes, and why?


Prov. 21:20     What does a foolish person swallow up?

Do you swallow up your paycheck, savings, or income in wasteful spending, and why?

Why is it foolish to wastefully spend the money or resources God gives you?


Prov. 22:15     Where is foolishness bound up?

Was it (or is it still) bound up in you, and why?


Prov. 23:9       What shouldn’t a person do, and why?

Have you ever tried to teach/inform/educate a fool (a stubborn, closed-minded, dull person)?

If so, what happened?


Prov. 24:7       What is too high for or beyond a fool?

[“in the gate” – the city gate, where legal and judicial decisions were made by wise leaders.].

Have you ever known of a fool (an arrogant, mentally dull, hardened person) who comprehended or spoke anything wise?


Prov. 26:1       What is not fitting for a fool?

[Putting a fool in a position of honor is inappropriate and may injure others who follow him as a model.].

Do you know of any fools who were put in a position of honor?          If so, what happened?


Prov. 26:4-5   What shouldn’t and what should we do, and why?

Do you exaggerate if a fool exaggerates, or do you yell and use foul language if a fool yells and uses foul language on you, and why?

Do you answer a fool aptly and factually rather than remain silent when a fool presents an argument that he/she thinks will stump you, and why?

[E.g., If a fool says the Bible is full of contradictions or has been corrupted or changed so that you can’t trust it any longer, or that evolution is a scientific fact, you should answer him and disprove his foolish objections to God’s Word.].


Prov. 26:6       Who cuts off his/her own feet, and drinks violence?

Why do you think this is so?

Have you ever done this, and if so, what happened?


Prov. 26:7, 9   What is like the useless legs which hang down from the lame (i.e., of no personal value) or a self-inflicting thorn which falls into the hand of a drunkard (i.e., injurious to himself)?

Have you ever heard a proverb (a wise saying that is generally true) in the mouth of a fool?

If so, what was said?


Prov. 26:8       What is a person like who binds a stone in a sling?

[Just as it is useless to tie a stone in a sling since it can’t be used like that, so giving honor to a fool is a waste of speech since it’s inappropriate also.].

Have you ever given a fool honor?          If so, when, and why?


Prov. 26:10     Who is like an archer who wounds everyone?

Why would this be the case?


Prov. 26:11     What is a fool who repeats his folly like?

Have you ever returned to or repeated a gross sin or a stupid comment or action?

If so, why?

How can you prevent this if you’re a Christian (Eph. 5:18; Gal. 5:22-23; Rom. 13:14; Col. 3:12)?


Prov. 27:3       What is heavier than a stone or sand?

Do you find the provocation (being incited to irritation) of a fool heavy (burdensome)?

What should a wise person do in this kind of situation, and why?


Prov. 27:22     Though you pound a fool in a mortar with a pestle along with crushed grain, what won’t depart from him/her?

Do you think this is so because a fool is stubborn, stupid, and arrogant?


Prov. 28:26     Who is a fool?

Do you trust in your heart/emotions/feelings when making decisions or in God’s Word, the Bible, or in the counsel of godly, obedient, biblically-knowledgeable Christians, and why?


Prov. 29:9       What happens when a wise person has a controversy with a foolish person?

Has this ever happened to you?          If so, what happened?


Prov. 29:11     What does a fool always do?

Do you?           Why?


Prov. 30:32     Who should put his/her hand on his/her mouth?

Do you ever brag about yourself?

If so, why, and what should you do?


Psalm 14:1      What has the fool said?

Why do you think he/she says this?


Let us know what you think.