“Forget” means to fail to recall; to overlook, omit, or neglect intentionally.


Deut. 4:23-24      Why did Moses tell the Israelites to watch themselves?

What would forgetting their covenant and becoming idolatrous bring upon them (Deut. 4:25-27)?


Have you made an idol/god out of sports, money, cars, computers, music, weight-lifting, career, martial arts, etc.?

Are you watching out and being careful not to forget any of the things that God has commanded you to do and be (e.g., to evangelize the lost – Matt. 28:19-20; to build up believers spiritually – Rom. 14:19; and to live a holy life – 1 Pet. 1:15), and why?


Deut. 6:10-12       When should these Israelites watch themselves, and why?


Do you tend to forget about God when things are going well for you, and you are satisfied with life, and why?

What can you do to prevent your forgetting about God?


Deut. 8:10-14; Hosea 13:6                How can or do people forget about God, and why?


How can they prevent this from happening (Deut. 8:10)?

Do you apply the principles in Deut. 8:10 by “blessing” (speaking well of, thanking, crediting) God for your prosperity?

How do you prevent your heart from becoming proud when you’re prosperous?

Why should the Israelites not forget God (Deut. 8:19)?

Do you see how important it is to God that we not forget Him by not keeping His commandments?


Deut. 9:4-7            What weren’t these Israelites to forget (Deut. 9:7)?

Why shouldn’t they forget this?


Has God ever blessed you over someone else because they were more wicked than you, rather than because you were righteous?

If so, have you tended to forget your sins/disobedience and why you were actually blessed when, in fact, you weren’t deserving of it?


Psa. 50:22-23      How does God view people forgetting Him?

And what does God want people to do instead of forgetting Him?

Do you often forget about God during the day or week, or do you consciously honor Him by thanking Him for what you have (e.g., health, possessions, job, intelligence, salvation, etc.)?


Psa. 103:1-5         How many, and what shouldn’t we forget?

What are some of these benefits (Psa. 103:3-5)?

How many of these things do you bless (speak well of/thank) the Lord for on a regular basis, and why?

What are some other benefits we can and should bless the Lord for (e.g., good Christian friends, a good education, living in a democracy, food, clothes, Bibles, etc.)?


Psa. 119:93          What doesn’t the Psalmist forget, and why?

Is your desire and goal to never forget God’s precepts (biblical truths), and why?

What can you do to remember it?


Jas. 1:25            What is true of the person who looks intently at the perfect law of liberty (God’s Word, the Bible) and obeys it rather than forgets what he hears?

Do you read the Bible just casually and forget what it says, or do you read it intently and obey what it says because you remember what it says?


Phil. 3:13              What does Paul want to forget?

[Paul’s goal and desire was to be Christ-like, perfect or holy, in his experience – conduct, thoughts, attitudes, motives, and feelings – and not just in his position or standing with God because of his conversion.].

Is it your desire to forget about all of your past merits and accomplishments of goodness, so that they don’t hinder you from the righteousness that comes from faith and is perfected through obedience to the Bible, and why?


Is it your goal to be Christ-like experientially, as well as positionally (Phil. 3:11, 15-16; Heb. 10:10, 14)?


Judges 3:7            What did the sons of Israel do?

Have you forgotten God and served other gods, such as: possessions, career, school, grades, marriage, girlfriend/boyfriend, sports, money, computers, music, cars, homes, weight lifting, martial arts, etc., and why?

[A god/idol is any object you are passionately/excessively devoted to or admire that usurps the place of the Lord God Creator in your life; anything you live for and that you spend a great deal of your time, energy, thoughts, and/or resources on.].

How did God feel about the Israelites forgetting Him and becoming idolatrous (Judges 3:8)?

How do you think that God feels about the idols in your life, and why?


Psa. 106:13-15    How fast did Israel forget God’s works?

What did God do about their craving?

Has God ever granted you what you’ve craved (and actually worshipped) but then disciplined you thereafter?

And how quickly do you forget the answers God has granted to your prayers or the good things He’s done for you, and why?


Jer. 23:25-28       What were the false prophets intending to make Israel forget?

How were they to do this?

Have you ever forgotten about God Himself because some religious or church people were trying to divert your focus of attention and energy away from God and put it on some religious experience, doctrine, or activity (e.g., speaking in tongues)?

If so, what was it, and what happened?


Hosea 8:12-14      Israel forgot their Maker to do what?

Have you forgotten God because you were consumed with acquiring a home, car, business, schooling, or other things for yourself (maybe working over-time or two jobs in order to get enough money to buy these things, or, maybe, between time spent at work and school), and you had little or no time left for God?


2 Pet. 1:9          What has the Christian forgotten who lacks the qualities found in 2 Pet. 1:5-7?


Are these qualities (in 2 Pet. 1:5-7) evident in your life, and are they increasing?

[If not, it may be because you’ve forgotten how much God has forgiven you.].

How can you regularly remember just how much God has forgiven you?


“Remember” is to have (an event, thing, person, etc.) come to mind again; think of again; to bring back to mind by an effect; to keep in the memory or bear in mind.


Num. 15:37-40           Why were the Israelites to wear tassels on the corner of their garments?

Is there anything that you use to remind yourself of obeying God’s commands and being holy (separated) to God?

If so, what?


Jn. 15:20         What did Jesus tell His disciples to remember?

Do you think that this is good for you to remember also, and why?


Col. 4:18          What does Paul ask these Christians to remember?

Why do you think he asks them this (see also Heb. 13:3)?

Do you remember Christians who are suffering for the gospel’s sake, and why?


Heb. 10:32-36      Why does the writer tell these Christians to remember their former days?

What counsel do you give Christians who are under a lot of pressure for their faith, and why?


Heb. 13:7         What are these Christians told to remember, and why?


Could you say this about those who led you, who spoke the Word of God to you (i.e., to imitate their faith because they were faithful to the end; steadfast in their life)?

Could people say that about you (i.e., to remember you and imitate your steadfast faith)?


Rev. 2:4-5         What does the angel tell the church at Ephesus?

Have you ever fallen from your first love of Christ?

If so, did you remember from where you fell (i.e., from what point you began loving something or someone else more) so that you repent (have a change of mind and start making Christ your first love again), and do the deeds you did at first (when Christ was your first love in life)?

[If this ever happens to you in the future, remember what you need to do, lest God remove your witness to this world for Christ (i.e., lampstand).].


Let us know what you think.