Matt. 10:8      What were Jesus’ disciples told to do with the abilities (powers) that they were given?


And why?


What is your attitude toward giving to others those things which God has freely given to you, and why?


Matt. 10:40-42 (Mk 9:41)      What did Jesus say wouldn’t happen if you even gave a cup of cold water to one of these little ones (i.e., one who acknowledges his dependence on Christ and places his/her trust in Him; to the world this disciple may be a nobody, insignificant in fame and fortune)?


Do you ever contemplate on the fact that God views even the little acts of kindness and assistance that we give to His disciples as being significant to Him?



Mk. 12:41-44           What lesson does Jesus teach His disciples here?


How did this compare to your concept of giving prior to your reading this account, and why?


Mk. 14:3-7     What principles on giving can be derived from this incident?


Did you know these principles on giving before, and do you live or operate by them, and why?


Acts 3:1-7       Instead of money, what did Peter give to the begging, lame man?


Can you think of a time when someone asked you for money, and instead of giving that person money(because you didn’t have any or didn’t think it was best for them to have), you gave him/her something else that was even better?

If so, what was it?


Acts 4:32-37            What are the principles mentioned, as to how and to whom money was given and distributed?


Though this passage doesn’t say that we should do likewise, it does give us an example of how we could function together.  What would be your attitude toward living in this manner, and why?


How does this differ from communism?


2 Cor. 8:3-5             How did these believers at Macedonia give?


How do you give, and why?


[This passage merely states what they did, and not that we should do the same necessarily, as seen in 2 Cor. 8:12.].


2 Cor. 8:12-14            If willing to give, the acceptableness of it is to do it how?


As opposed to what?


Not for what and for what should these Christians give to other Christians?


Is this your philosophy of giving?                 If not, what is it, and why?


2 Cor. 9:6-7           What principle is taught here?


What were they told to do and not to do?


Who does God love?

Are these your attitudes when you give?            If not, why?


How do you plan to change them?


Gal. 6:10         When should we do good?


To whom should we especially do good?


If there are two people in need, one a non-Christian and one a Christian, and you can only help one of them out, which should it be, and why?


2 Thes. 3:10-12          To whom should we not give?




What constitutes “work”?


Is preaching, teaching, and/or evangelizing work (see 1 Cor. 9:9-11, 14; Acts 13:2, 4-5; 15:38 with Acts 13:12-13, 32-33), and why?


1 Cor. 16:1-4              What method did Paul tell each of these believers to use, when giving to other needy Christians?


Why do you think that this would be a good method to use?


Are you doing this?                   Why?



Guidelines for Wise Giving or Other Forms of Assistance (e.g., directing people to appropriate agencies):

  1. Non-Christians who are in true/real need of the basics (e.g., food, clothes, water, etc.) with whom you know or personally meet and with whom you plan to share the gospel.
  2. Non-Christians and/or Christians who you know or meet who you know are hard-working or are diligently looking for a job.
  3. Non-Christians and/or Christians who are in real need because they can’t work (e.g., international students or those whose physical handicap prevents them from working).
  4. Christians who are diligently involved as full-time missionaries in evangelism and building up other Christians spiritually and, therefore, need to be supported financially and/or materially.
  5. Christians you know who are good, personal financial managers, but who find themselves in need due to an unexpected emergency that was out of their control.
  6. If long-term help is needed and you either can’t help or choose not to help for whatever biblical reason, then direct such people to appropriate agencies, like food banks, homeless shelters, etc.


Let us know what you think.