Anger is not sinful when directed toward sin, holiness offended, or when God is slandered.


Ex. 3:10; 4:10-14          What is God angry at?

Has God ever been angry at you because you’ve given Him excuses and been reluctant to obey Him in any area?

If so, in what area of your life, and why (for example: in evangelizing, in being humble, in praying daily, in meditating on God’s Word, in building up Christians spiritually, and failing to stop gossiping, lusting, and/or being self-centered, etc.)?


Ex. 22:21-24            When would God be angry at the Jews?

Have you ever wronged or oppressed strangers, or afflicted a widow or orphan?

If so, did you experience God’s anger in any visible way?

If so, how?


Ex. 32:8-10         What was God angry at here?

Do you have any idols (anything treasured equal to or more than God; anything given excessive devotion to) in your life that God is angry at (e.g., money, career, girl/boy­friend, family, education, degree, sports, martial arts, hobby, home, car, music, TV, videos, computer)?

If so, what are you going to do about it, and why?


Num. 11:1           What was God angry at?

Do you think God gets angry at you when you complain about the adversities/hard times in your life?



Num. 11:4-10, 33            What was God angry at here?

Do you ever complain about not having something that you’d prefer other than that which God has provided for you?

If so, what, why, and what do you plan to do about it?


Num. 12:1-10           What was God angry at?


Do you think God is angry at you when you speak against your spiritual leader (see 1 Thes. 5:12-13; Heb. 13:17)?

If so, what do you plan to do about it from now on?


Num. 25:1-4           Again, what is God angry at?

Why do you think God is so angry about this?


Num. 32:1-15             How did God feel about the sons of Reuben and Gad because they wanted to settle in Gilead and not go into the promised land and thus discourage the rest of Israel by not helping to fight along side their Israelite brothers?


Do you think God gets angry at you when you discourage your Christian friends by not being responsible/obedient in the things God tells you to do (e.g., evangelize, build up spiritually and train believers, pray, edify your Christian friends by fellowshipping with and serving them)?

If so, what do you plan to do about it, and how soon?


Deut. 4:25-28             What does God think about idolatry and evil?

If school, career, sports, car, home, clothes, music, friends, family, martial arts, computers, or money are more important to you than God (as exhibited by not living holy, evangelizing, and building up spiritually and training believers), then what does God think about your idols?

And why?


Deut. 29:23; Gen. 18:20; 19:5              What was God angry at?

Why do you think God is angry at the practice of homosexuality?


Joshua 7:1, 20-21; 22:20             Why was God angry at the nation of Israel?

Had you ever realized that God can/does get angry at an entire group even if only one of its members commits a sin?

Has your Christian group ever had God’s blessings withheld because of a sin you were involved in?

Knowing this, how will your attitude toward committing sin change, and why?


2 Sam. 6:6-7            How did God feel about Uzzah touching the ark of God?

[Only Levites could handle the ark, and not even they could touch it directly – Num. 4:5, 15, 20.  Uzzah was from the tribe of Judah, not Levi, and his touching the ark was an act of being irreverent. God’s absolute holiness requires that sacred tasks be done in a sacred manner.].

Do you handle/take the Lord’s supper (communion) in an irreverent way and not according to God’s instructions (1 Cor.11:23-30)?


1 Kings 16:2-3, 7, 13              Why was God angry at king Baasha (1 Ki. 12:28-33)?

Have you ever made or encouraged other people to commit any kind of sin?

If so, how do you think God feels about your doing that?                      And why?


Isa. 5:20-25              Who is God angry at?

Do you ever reject God’s Word, the Bible, and despise it?



When God says that all Christians should evangelize and spiritually build up and train/equip believers for the work of service, do you eagerly obey out of love for God and people, or do you reject God’s commands?


Num. 22:22          How did God feel toward Balaam because he went with the leaders of Moab when God had previously told him not to (Num. 22:12)?


Do you think God is angry with you when God allows you to do something which He has already said in the Bible not to do, but you pester Him in prayer about it until He allows you to do it?

If so, what?


Deut. 1:26-35            How does God feel about the rebellion and grumbling against Him by the Israelites and their disobedience in not going into the Promised Land?


Do you think God is angry with you when you rebel and grumble against Him or any of His commands (e.g., to love everyone; to not lie, steal, or lust; to not be jealous, prideful, or covetous; to be forgiving, patient, and peaceable; to obey your governing authorities and spiritual leaders; to be kind, gentle, and faithful; to be joyful, self-controlled, and merciful; to not be immoral, self-centered, or drunk; to not marry a non-Christian or be factious; to not be envious, sensual, or causing strife, etc.)?


1 Kings 11:1-11              Why was God angry at Solomon?

Do you ever allow your wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend to influence you to sin against God in any way, and why?


What can you do to prevent this (i.e., giving in to them to do something wrong)?


Mk. 3:1-5             What was Christ angry at?

Do you think God is ever angry at you because you have a hardened heart because you are more concerned about people breaking man-made religious rules than you are about people’s well being?


Jn. 2:15-17            How did Christ feel about the money changers and animal-sacrifice sellers for their defiling God’s house with corrupt businesses?


How did you come to your conclusion?

How do you think God feels about people who go to church/Bible study groups primarily to: find business contacts, play bingo, buy/sell items at church bazaars or dinners, find sexual partners, be entertained, etc.?



Ex. 34:6; Num. 14:18; Jonah 4:2; Nahum 1:3            What do all these passages say about God?

Are these passages in contradiction to all the other passages you already looked at?



Let us know what you think.