“Lazy” is to be disinclined (lacking the will/desire) to activity, labor, or exertion; not energetic or vigorous; moving slowly – Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary.


Prov. 6:6            Who should the sluggard (i.e., habitually lazy) go to, and why?


What does the ant do that makes it wise (Prov. 6:8)?


What does the sluggard do (Prov. 6:9)?


What will result in the sluggard’s habitual sleeping (Prov. 6:11)?


Are you habitually lazy?                     Why?


Do others see you as lazy or as one who is energetic and hard-working like the ant, and why?


Prov. 10:26       What is a lazy person like to those who send him (i.e., to do some work or go on an errand)?


Why do you think a lazy person would be viewed like that?


Do you ever irritate or aggravate your employer, parents, roommates, spiritual leaders, or friends because you fail to carry out the responsibilities delegated to you due to your laziness?

If so, what do you plan to do about it, and why?


Prov. 12:27       What doesn’t a slothful/lazy man do?


Are you so lazy as to not value and take appropriate care of what you own, like the hunter who doesn’t even cook the game/prey that he catches?


Do you let your possessions rust, rot, decay or breakdown because you’re too lazy to maintain (keep in good condition) or to fix them?

If so, what do you plan to do about it, and why?


Prov. 13:4         What does the sluggard/lazy person who craves get?


Why do you think that this is so?


Are you so lazy that you’re unwilling to work in order to satisfy/fulfill your cravings or what you think God wants you to do?

Why are the desires of the diligent satisfied?


Prov. 15:19       To/by what is the way of the sluggard/lazy person compared/blocked?


Are you so lazy that you don’t remove the thorns/obstacles in your life’s path that keep you from getting what you’d like or believe God wants you to do in life?



Prov. 18:9         Who is the brother to the one who destroys?


Do you do your work/projects/tasks poorly, carelessly, lazily, or never complete them?



[A poor or unfinished job differs little from a project that someone demolished; both projects are valueless or unusable.].


Prov. 19:15          What does laziness bring/cast?


And what will a shiftless/idle man suffer?


Do you know of anyone who sleeps a lot (more than eight hours per day) on a fairly regular basis (not because they’re sick but because of laziness)?

Do they ever complain about not having enough food, money, or anything else?

What could solve their problem?


Prov. 19:24       How lazy can some people/sluggards get?


Though this illustration may be comical or exaggerated, how do you view lazy people?


How could you motivate a lazy person, so that he’s not lazy any more, and why that way?


Prov. 20:4         Because the sluggard/habitually lazy person doesn’t plow in season, what will happen to him at harvest time?


Are you presently planning and working for future needs?



Why do a lot of people only live for the present and not plan and prepare for their future necessities?


Is this true of you?

If so, what do you plan to do about it, and how soon?


Prov. 24:30-34          What will come upon the sluggard/lazy person?


Do you think the reason some people are poverty-stricken is because they are lazy rather than because they can’t find employment?

Besides material/physical poverty, what other kinds of deficiencies can/do result from a person’s laziness?


Do you know of any Christians whose lives are boring, discontented, unfulfilled, restless, or dull because of laziness?

If so, is there anything you can do to motivate them to productivity and fulfillment?



Or, if it’s true of you spiritually, mentally, financially, physically (that you’re lazy in these areas too), what will you do about it?


Prov. 26:13-14         Because a sluggard/lazy person doesn’t want to do anything, what stories, lies, or exaggerations will he make up so as to not go out and work?


Do you ever find yourself making excuses, stories, or exaggerations for why you can’t work, read your Bible, pray, witness, build up believers spiritually or train other Christians to be Christ-like in character and mission?

What will you do the next time you find yourself doing this, and why?


Why do some people sleep more than they really need to (Prov. 26:14)?


How can a person break this bad habit?


Will you, if you’re a lazy person?                     When?


Eccles. 10:18        What are some other consequences of laziness?


Is there anything that you know you should fix or do, but have procrastinated?

If so, what do you plan to do about it, and when?


Heb. 6:10-12      Instead of being sluggish/lazy in their Christian experience/lives, what were these Christians told to do?


Are you ever lazy in your Christian life by failing to help out other Christians in need (Heb. 6:10), or by failing to persevere in your faith and patience (Heb. 6:12) during tough times?



Rom. 12:11       What should Christians never lack/lag in, regarding their service to the Lord?


Are you lazy or diligent/zealous in your service to the Lord?

How do you know?


Are you lazy when it comes to sharing your faith with (i.e., witnessing to) non-Christians?

Or, are you lazy when it comes to teaching the Bible to new Christians?

Or, are you lazy when it comes to helping out Christians in physical/material needs?

What will it take to motivate you to diligently/zealously serve the Lord, and why?


Matt. 25:14-18, 24-30

What does the master (who represents Jesus) call the servant in Matt. 25:26, who buried his talent(which represents opportunities for serving God)?


Are you faithful to use the opportunities that God gives you to serve Him (e.g., witnessing; teaching the Bible; helping someone out; being hospitable; encouraging people; planning; organizing; and supervising Christian activities; and training new Christians)?

Give an example.


Let us know what you think.