Neh. 5:10          What did Nehemiah, his brothers, and servants do for their fellow Jewish countrymen who were poor?


Why did they loan their money to them without usury (interest – see Deut. 23:19)?


When you loan money to your fellow Christians, do you charge interest, and why?


Eccles. 5:10-11          What does Solomon say about the person who loves money and abundance?


Do you love (have a strong devotion to; center your attention and/or activities on) money, and why?


Are you going to college so you can get a degree so you can make a lot of money because you love money and abundance, and why?


Amos 2:6          How does the prophet describe the greedy Israelites?


Would you ever do any kind of wrong or injustice just so you could get more money or possessions, and why?


Micah 3:11           What had Israel’s political and religious leaders stooped/caved in to?


[The priests were already comfortably provided for by the law, so that charging for instruction (teaching anything they knew would please people and gain them money) was over and above what they needed.].

Do you know of religious or church leaders who teach topics or slant their sermons just to motivate people to give them money?

If so, how or why did you come to that conclusion?


Matt. 10:9-11       What does Jesus tell His 12 disciples as He sends them out to heal and evangelize?


Have you ever thought that it was wrong for full-time Christian workers to be financially supported by other people, especially by those to whom they minister?



Matt. 26:14-15         What was Judas willing to do because he was greedy?

Have you ever betrayed or in some way wronged another person because you were greedy?

Or, do you know someone who has?

Which do you view as more important:  people or money, and why?


Matt. 28:11-15           What did the Jewish religious leaders do to persuade the Roman guards to lie about what happened to Jesus’ body after He was resurrected?


Has anyone ever tried to bribe you with money or with anything else so that you’d lie for him/her?

If so, what did you do, and why?


Lk. 3:10-14          What did John the Baptist tell the soldiers to do?


Do you think it is right for Christians to ask for a raise from their employer or even to go on strike for greater pay or benefits, and why?


Lk. 16:13-15        Who can’t you serve if you’re serving/living for mammon (money), and why?


What does Luke say that the Pharisees loved (were devoted to; gave themselves over to)?

Though the Pharisees (Jewish religious leaders) loved and possessed a lot of money and this was highly esteemed by people (because they thought it was evidence of God blessing the Pharisees for their righteousness), what did God think?

God views loving (being devoted to) and going after money as detestable, but how do you view it, and why?


Jn. 12:6              What was Judas, and what did he used to do with the group’s money?


Have you ever been entrusted with someone else’s or a group’s finances?

If so, did/do you ever have thoughts of stealing from it?

If you ever would be entrusted with someone else’s finances, do you think that you would ever be tempted to steal from it, and why?


Acts 4:34 – 5:5       What did Joseph do?

What did Ananias and Sapphira do?


What sin did they commit?

Would there have been anything wrong with keeping some of the money and letting the apostles know that they were only getting a part of it, and why?


Why do you think they secretly kept back part of the money?


1 Tim. 3:3             What must an overseer be free from?

Why do you think that this is a qualification for a spiritual leader?


Would you ever change your theology/teachings or views/counseling if someone gave you a large sum of money or a high position in a church to do so, and why?


1 Tim. 6:6-10       What is a means of great gain?

What should we be content with?

What do those who want to get rich fall into?


Give some examples of temptations and foolish and harmful desires of those who want to get rich.

What is the love of (devotion to; affection for, as seen by one’s attention, priorities, and/or activities on) money a root of?

Could you explain how this is so?


What has happened to some who have longed for money?


[“the faith” – biblical teachings and Christ/God Himself].

Have any of the above sins ever been true of you?            If so, what happened?

What should we do instead, 1 Tim. 6:11?

Is this what you are pursuing?          If so, how?


2 Tim. 3:1-2         Who will be characterized as lovers of money?

[“the last days” – the time period between Jesus’ first and second comings, Heb. 1:2; Acts 2:17-20 with Rev. 6:12].

Are the people around you today generally characterized by the love of money?

What are you doing to keep this from being true of you?


Are you working overtime or two jobs because you love money and what money can buy for you instead of loving and doing God’s will of evangelizing the spiritually lost, helping to build up other Christians spiritually, and concentrating on being more Christ-like in character yourself, and why?


Heb. 13:5            What should our character/life be free from, and why?


How does what God says here affect you and your love for money, and why?


What does God say we should be content with?

Are you, and why?


Gen. 12:1-2, 5, 16            What does it say about Abram in Gen. 13:2?


Do you think that this was part of God’s promise in Gen. 12:2?

Does God seem to be opposed to a person being rich, if obtained legitimately and if given by God (Gen. 24:34-35) and not worshiped as a god, and why?


Does Gen. 14:21-23 seem to indicate that Abram was not hungry for riches?


Gen. 26:12-14      What does it say about Isaac?

How did Isaac obtain his wealth or by whom?

Therefore, is God opposed to wealth if He is the giver of it, 1 Sam. 2:7?


Job 1:1-3; 42:12                What does Job 1:3 say about Job?


What does it say the Lord did in Job 42:12?

Does it seem like Job was greedy or stingy, and why?


How do you feel about Christians who are wealthy, and why?


Does it look like Abram, Isaac, and Job made it their goal to become rich, and why?


Psa. 49:10, 16-20            What did the Psalmist say about the ungodly, rich people?


Realizing this, do/will you ever envy ungodly, rich people, and why?


Prov. 10:4, 22; 22:2            What makes a person rich from a human viewpoint?


What makes/causes a person to be rich from a divine viewpoint?

What is your viewpoint, and why?


Prov. 14:20; 19:4, 6         What do these verses say about rich people and friends?


Do you want friends who like/love you for whom you are or for what they can get out of you, and why?


Prov. 21:17           Who won’t become rich?

Why do you think that this is the case?


Prov. 28:6             Who is better than whom?

Do you agree, and why?


Prov. 28:20           What does it say about the person who makes haste to be rich?


[“to make haste to be rich” – means to get involved in get-rich-quick schemes, or dishonest, questionable or shady dealings, Prov. 13:11; 19:26; 20:21 with Lk. 15:11-13].

Have you ever tried to get rich or thought about getting rich quick through dishonest, shady, or questionable means?

If so, when, and why?


Eccles. 5:12-14    What does it say about the rich man?

Why do you think that this is so?


Jer. 9:23-24         What shouldn’t a rich person do?

Do you know of rich people who violate this?

If so, why do you think rich people do this?


Matt. 19:21-24     What did Jesus say about rich people?

Why do you think that this is so?


Matt. 27:57-60     What rich man became a disciple of Jesus?


Does he seem to be a generous and humble person, and why?


Do you know of any humble, generous, rich followers of/believers in Jesus?


Lk. 6:24         What does Jesus say to rich people who don’t follow Him?


Are life and happiness primarily in material things and riches or in your obedience to (evangelizing the spiritually lost, building up other Christians spiritually, and being Christ-like in your own character) and dependence upon God, and why?


Lk. 12:15-21        What does God say about the person who lays up treasures “for himself” and is not rich toward Him/God?


Can you picture yourself doing what this rich man did?



Lk. 16:19-25        What do you think is the point of this story?

Who would you rather be, and why?

Does the way you live and deal with your finances reflect this?

If so, how?


Jas. 1:9-11            What is the rich Christian to glory in?


[The rich person has to humble himself by acknowledging his sinfulness and need of trusting Christ as Savior in order to be forgiven and go to heaven, something that money cannot buy. The result of this humiliation gains him salvation, which he should glory in].

Why do you think it is so hard for most rich people to humble themselves?


To what does James compare the withering of flowering grass – Jas. 1:11?

What makes riches here in this life seem so insignificant?


1 Tim. 6:17-18      What was Timothy to instruct rich Christians not to be, then to do?


Do you know of any rich Christians who are doing what these verses say?


Jas. 2:5-6           What did James have to say about the poor and the rich in this passage?


What are your feelings about rich people (non-Christians especially), and why?


1 Ki. 3:5-13          What does God commend Solomon for not asking for himself in 1 Ki. 3:11?


What would you have asked for, and why?


Psa. 52:5, 7; Prov. 11:28            Whom will God break down?


When you need protection from adversity, what or whom do you trust in, and why?


Psa. 62:10             What are we not to set our heart upon?

What is your heart set/fixed upon for your security, and why?


Prov. 11:4             What won’t riches do in the day of wrath (God’s judgment day)?

What will profit?

Which are you pursuing?

How, and why?


Prov. 22:1             What is to be desired more than great riches?

Do you agree with this, and why?


Prov. 22:4             What is the reward of humility and the fear of the Lord?

Does knowing this motivate you to be humble and God-fearing (hating sin, Prov. 8:13 and delighting in/obeying His commands, Psa. 112:1), and why?


Prov. 30:8-9         What was Agur wise in desiring?


Do you agree with Agur and desire the same for yourself?



Eccles. 5:19          What is a gift from God?

What would you do with all this if God gave this gift to you, and why?


Matt. 13:22           What can choke the Word of God, the gospel message, in a person’s life?

In what way are riches deceitful?


Have they ever or are they now deceiving you?

What can you do to prevent this deception in your life?


Heb. 11:24-26      What did Moses consider as greater riches than the treasures of Egypt?


Why did he view it this way?


Do you view treasure/money this way (as less important than rewards in heaven due to your being persecuted for Christ)?



Prov. 23:4          What are we not to weary ourselves to gain and to cease from our consideration?


Are you wearing yourself out by working two jobs or by working overtime in order to gain wealth?

Does accumulating wealth occupy your mind very often?

If so, how often, and why?


What should occupy your mind, Col. 3:2-3; Phil. 4:8, and why?


Let us know what you think.