Is it right or wrong to share how many people were saved (became Christians) through your ministry?    Or what kind of people they were?

Is it right or wrong to tell someone how many people attended your Bible study group, prayer meeting, fellowship group, retreat, conference, etc.?

Is it right or wrong to mention how many people you spoke to at a meeting?

How many people you are training?

Is it right or wrong to explain all the things that God has done through you or explain all the places you have been?

Is it right or wrong to share how big, how much, or how many of something or someone there is or was or are?

Why record and share numbers and statistics?


Record what is said about the different numbers in the following passages and why it says or why you think it mentions these numbers:

Acts 1:13-16

Acts 2:37, 41

Acts 2:46-47

Acts 4:4

Acts 5:14-15

Acts 6:1, 7

Acts 9:42

Acts 11:21-24

Acts 14:1

Acts 14:27; 15:4, 12

Acts 16:5

Acts 17:4

Acts 17:12

Acts 17:34

Acts 16:31-33

Acts 18:8

Acts 21:19

Acts 27:22-24, 37, 41

Acts 28:22-24

Matt. 14:19-21

Mark 6:30

Mark 3:14

Luke 10:1

Luke 17:12-19

John 21:11

James 5:17

Rev. 7:4-15


Do you think numbers/statistics were recorded so that God would be glorified (1 Cor. 10:31; Acts 21:18-20; Psa. 86:8-10)?


Let us know what you think.