“Passion” can mean to suffer or feel, but it can also mean an attitude of deep concern and desire.


Josh. 24:14-15          For what did Joshua and his house/family have a passion (Josh. 24:15)?


Do you have a deep desire to serve the Lord or to serve other gods (e.g., money, career, home, family, cars, school, degrees, computers, sports, music, weight lifting, martial arts, yourself, etc.), and why?


Psa. 42:1-2; 63:1        For whom do the Psalmists have a passion?


To what did David compare his passion for God (Psa. 63:1)?

Do you have a deep desire/craving for God, to know Him and have an intimate relationship with Him, and why?

If so, how do you show that you have this passion?


Rom. 9:1-5; 10:1        For whom and for what did Paul have a passion?


How does Paul express/show his great desire for the Israelites’ salvation?

Do you have a passion for spiritually lost people (anyone’s salvation)?

If so, how would or do you express/show it?


Rom. 10:2       For whom did the Israelites (Rom. 9:31) have a zeal/passion?


Unfortunately, with what was their passion not in accordance?


If you have a passion/zeal for God (to know, love, and obey Him), are you pursuing Him in accordance with biblical knowledge/information (how God says you should pursue Him), or are you pursuing God and His will the way you or others think you should pursue Him, and why?


Why must God be pursued/worshiped the way He states in the Bible rather than the way you or others want, John 4:23-24?


Phil. 1:21         For whom did Paul have a passion?


How does he express it (Phil. 1:21, 23)?


Do you have a deep desire for Christ (to have your life centered around knowing Him and doing His will, Phil. 3:10; 1:24), and why?


If so, how do or could you show it (Mk. 1:17; 10:28-30; Jn. 12:26; 14:15; 15:14; Lk. 19:10)?


Lk. 19:28, 41-44; 13:34          For whom did Jesus have a passion?


How did He show/express His passion for Jerusalem (i.e., the Jewish people)?


Do you have a deep concern and desire for anyone’s well-being, and why?


And if you do, how do you show it?


Neh. 1:3-10; 2:2-3      For whom and for what did Nehemiah have a passion?


How did he show/express this great concern and desire for the well-being of the remnant of Jews in the city of Jerusalem?


Do you ever express your deep concern and desire for anything or anyone similarly?

If so, for what/whom?


Num. 25:1-13      For whom did Phinehas have a passion/jealousy, Num. 25:13?


How did he show his godly jealousy (intense concern for God’s well-being), Num. 25:8?


What did God think about Phinehas’ godly jealousy/passion, Num. 25:10-13?


Do you have a great concern and desire for God’s well-being/honor?

If so, how do you show it?


2 Ki. 22:12-13, 18-19; 23:1-15, 19-25        For whom did king Josiah have a passion, 2 Ki. 22:13?


Do you have a deep concern for your spiritual well-being as well as for those you are either over or have a responsibility for (e.g., family members, church members, students on campus you’re ministering to, etc.), and why?


How did Josiah demonstrate his passion for the people of Judah, himself, and for God (2 Ki. 23:1-5, 25)?


Do you demonstrate your passion (deep concern and desire) for God, other people of God, and yourself by determining to and actually ridding yourself and those you’re responsible for of idols/gods in your/their lives (anything that you/they give excessive or supreme devotion to in terms of your/their time, attention, loyalty, energy, and/or resources), determining to obey with all your heart (will), soul (mind), and strength all the commands of God directed to you in the Bible, and educating them and yourself in the Word of God (Bible)?

How did God reward Josiah for his godly passion, 2 Ki. 22:20?


Psa. 119:11, 13-14, 16, 20, 30-34, 42, 49, 53-54, 62, 72, 93, 103, 129, 164

What does the Psalmist, David, treasure (Psa. 119:11), talk a lot about (Psa. 119:13), rejoice in (Psa. 119:14), meditate on (Psa. 119:15), delight in (Psa. 119:16), long for (Psa. 119:20, 40, 131), think about often (Psa. 119:30), cling to in loyal obedience (Psa. 119:31), eagerly desire and hasten to obey to the end with all his heart (Psa. 119:32-34, 60), trust in (Psa. 119:42), love (Psa. 119:47, 97, 127), get burning indignation at for people who forsake it (Psa. 119:53), consider his songs (Psa. 119:54), get up at midnight to give thanks for (Psa. 119:62), value greatly (Psa. 119:72), get revived by (Psa. 119:93), greatly desire (Psa. 119:103), think is wonderful (Psa. 119:129), and praise God for multiple times each day (Psa. 119:164)?

Do you have this kind of passion for God’s Word, the Bible, and why?


Neh. 13:7-9, 14       What did Nehemiah do that showed his passion (deep concern and desire) for keeping the house of God pure/clean (as the temple represented the presence of God)?


[Having an opponent of God’s people and God’s will (Neh. 2:19-20; 4:3-4, 7-8; 6:1, 12-14), who was also an Ammonite and shouldn’t be in the assembly of God according to God’s command (13:1-13), residing in the temple complex was wrong/evil.].

How passionate are you in keeping God’s commands and not wanting to offend God’s holiness (by eliminating sin from his presence), and why?


How else did Nehemiah show his passion for keeping God’s commands, Neh. 13:23-30?


[It was against God’s command for the Jews to marry (idolatrous) foreign women in and around Israel, Neh. 13:26-27; Ex. 34:12-16; 1 Ki. 11:1-2; Ezra 10:2.].

Though Nehemiah’s expression of passion is commendable and God-honoring, in what other ways could we today exhibit passion for obeying God’s commands and the purity of the Christian Church (e.g., Matt. 18:15-17; 1 Cor. 5:9-11; Gal. 6:1)?


Let us know what you think.