“Praise” is an expression of approval, commendation, or admiration. Praise of God is the acknowledging of His perfections, works, and benefits. Praise properly terminates in God, on account of his natural excellencies and perfections, and is that act of devotion by which we confess and admire His many attributes, such as: grace, mercy, love, power, presence, truth, wisdom, justice, sovereignty, eternality, immutability, holiness, patience, righteousness, forgiveness, etc.


Psa. 7:17    What will the Psalmist, David, sing to the LORD Most High?


Do you sing songs that praise God (expresses acknowledgement of and admiration to God for His character qualities and/or His awesome works or miracles) or songs that merely entertain others and/or yourself and get you emotionally and/or physically stirred up, and why?


Psa. 21:13       For what does the Psalmist, David, sing and praise the LORD?


Do you ever sing and praise God for His power?

If so, what do you say/sing?


If not, why not?


Psa. 22:26       What will those do who seek (i.e., worship) the LORD?


Do you seek/worship the LORD by praising (expressing recognition of and admiration to) Him?

If so, how?


Psa. 30:4     What does the Psalmist, David, exhort his godly readers to do?


Are you giving thanks/praise to God for who and what He is, such as His holiness (infinite purity in all respects)?

If so, how and when?


Psa. 33:1-2     From whom is praise to God becoming (fitting/suitable)?


If you are upright (righteous), do you find praising God a normal, appropriate thing to do?

If not, what do you need to do to become upright so that it is becoming to you?


Psa. 34:1-3      How often would praise be in David’s mouth?


How often do you express admiration to God for who He is and the marvelous things He’s done throughout history, and why?


Psa. 48:1     How do the Psalmists say that the LORD is to be praised, and why?


To what degree or in what manner are you praising the LORD (e.g., very little, once in a while, or greatly/abundantly/exceedingly), and why?


Psa. 56:4, 10   For what does David, the Psalmist, praise God, and why?


Do you express admiration for God’s word because you trust God?

If so, how often?


Psa. 63:1, 3-6     Why would David praise God, Psa. 63:3?


Could you honestly praise God because you believed that God’s lovingkindness was actually better than physical life itself, and why?


How did David praise God, Psa. 63:5?


How do you praise God (e.g., mechanically, mediocrely, apathetically, enthusiastically, joyfully, etc.)?


Psa. 89:5, 9, 11-14      For what will the heaven praise the LORD?


Do you praise God for the fact that He rules/controls the waves of the sea and hurricanes?

Do you praise Him for all the items mentioned in these verses?

If not, what do you plan to do about it?


Psa. 106:1     What are we commanded to do, and why?


Are you obeying this for at least these two reasons?


Psa. 109:30     What does the Psalmist do in the midst of many people?


Are you ashamed to speak admiringly about God in big groups, and why?


If not, when was the last time you abundantly thanked/praised the LORD in the midst of a big group, and what did you say?


Psa. 119:164   For what reason does the Psalmist praise God, and how often?


Do you praise God because His commandments are right, good, and in your best interest?

If so, how often, and why that often?


Psa. 47:6-7     Why should we sing praises to God?


Do you ever sing praises to God because He is sovereign/King of all the earth?

If so, what do you sing?


Heb. 13:15    What should we offer up to God, how often, and how?


Are you “continually” offering up a sacrifice of praise to God by expressing appreciation to Him for who He is, and why?


Acts 16:25      What were Paul and Silas doing at about midnight in prison?


Do you think you would be singing hymns of praise to God if you were in jail because of doing God’s will and work, and why?


Acts 2:46-47     How often were these Christians praising God?


Are you praising God day by day (acknowledging to God in admiration His attributes and works)?

If so, for what?


Eph. 1:5-6, 11-14    To what end were Christians predestined to adoption and given the Holy Spirit?


Are you giving praise (i.e., expressing admiration) of God’s glory (i.e., magnificence; greatness of deed) for these benefits, namely, your salvation and reception of the Holy Spirit in your life?

If so, when, and how often?


Phil. 4:8

What are we told to do, if there is anything worthy of praise (acknowledgement and admiration) in them or Him?


Are you letting your mind dwell on the awesome qualities and works of God?

If so, which ones?


For what can and/or should you praise God for in the following passages:

  • Psa. 145:5-11
  • Psa. 97:1-6
  • Psa. 99:1-5
  • Psa. 103:1-14
  • Psa. 93:1-5
  • Psa. 92:1-5


Let us know what you think.