A “bond-servant” is one who willingly gives himself for life for the service, work, or performing of duties to another in ardent/eager/zealous devotion.


Phil. 1:1; Jas. 1:1        What is said of Paul, Timothy, and James in these verses?

Could you honestly say this about yourself?

If so, to whom, and how do you show it?


Jn. 8:34-36      Everyone who commits sin is whose slave?

How is a person set free from this?

Are you sin’s slave or Christ’s freedman?

How do you know?


Rom. 6:16-19     To whom is a person a slave?

What are the products of these two different obediences?

To what should we present our bodily members/parts (such as: eyes, mouth, hands, sex organs, mind, etc), Rom. 6:19?


Are you doing this?                  If so, how?


1 Pet. 2:16       How should Christians act?

How shouldn’t Christians use their freedom (from sin’s penalty)?

How should Christians use this freedom (from the penalty of sin because they’re completely forgiven for all sin as believers in Christ, Col. 2:13-14)?

How are you using this freedom from sin’s penalty as a Christian, and why?


Phil. 2:3-8       From what source or out of what motivation should we do nothing?

What should our attitude be toward one another?

What form did Christ Jesus take (Phil. 2:7)?

Are you living the life of a bond-servant of God?

If so, in what specific ways?


Rom. 12:10-11             What should our relationship to one another as Christians be like?

Give an example of each from your own life where you have done this.

Is your service to the Lord done diligently and fervently or lazily, apathetically, and sporadically, and why?


Rom. 15:1-4    Who are we to please?

Do you find this easy to do?


How can you have this type of thinking in action?


Gal. 5:13         How should we serve one another?

Is this your motive when you serve other Christians, or do you expect something in return, or do so grudgingly or out of obligation, and why?


Matt. 20:25-28 (Lk. 22:24-27; Mk. 9:34-35; Matt. 23:11)       Who’s the greatest person?

How does this thinking differ from how the world views a great person?

How do “you” view what makes a person great?

And how are you serving others?


Gal. 1:9-10     When wouldn’t we be a bond-servant of Christ’s?

Are you ever guilty of compromising biblical principles, doctrines, or standards just to be accepted by people?

If so, what, and why?


Jn. 12:26       The person who serves Christ does what?

Are you following Christ in all the things that He expects or commands you to do, including the denial of self-centered interests, goals, and/or desires in order to seek and save the spiritually lost (Lk. 19:10; Matt. 28:19-20)?


1 Cor. 9:19-22         What was Paul’s attitude?


Is winning people to Christ (salvation) and to Christ-like maturity for those who are already Christians worth giving up your personal rights for?

When have you done this?

If not, why not?


Matt. 6:24       What can’t we do?


Honestly speaking, which one are you serving (God or money)?



Rom. 7:5-6     How should we and shouldn’t we now serve God?

[To serve in “newness of the Spirit” means to serve in the enabling power of the Holy Spirit rather than in keeping Old Testament laws from the flesh, our sin nature.].

By which method are you trying to serve God?



Acts 20:18-20        How did Paul serve the Lord?

Have you ever served the Lord in this way?

How committed and genuine is your service for God to people?

How much do you go out of your way for their benefit, and why?


Rom. 14:14-21        What way of serving Christ is acceptable to God and approved by men (Rom. 14:17, 19)?

Does your service to Christ make for peace and the building up of other Christians spiritually, or do you serve others only when and in what way it is convenient for you?


Give an example.


Rom. 16:17-18          Who are not slaves of the Lord?

And what are they slaves of?

What should our relationship to them be?

Have you ever had to do this?


Let us know what you think.