“Qavah” (Hebrew) means patience in looking ahead eagerly with confident expectation; waits; it focuses attention on what it is that awaits the person – Drs. Vine, Unger, and White, An Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words, p. 1205.


Psa. 39:7     For what did David wait?


Are you patiently waiting for the Lord to refrain from giving you any more afflictions/hardships/discipline because of sin in your life (Psa. 39:8-11)?

While waiting on the Lord as your only hope for deliverance from discipline, what can you do to encourage God to let up on His reproofs (1 Jn. 1:9; Eph. 5:18; Rom. 13:14)?


Psa. 40:1

What did David do that preceded the Lord’s hearing David’s cry/prayer for deliverance from his dilemma?


Do you wait patiently for the Lord to deliver you from dilemmas that you didn’t bring upon yourself due to some sin or error on your part?



Lam. 3:25-26      To whom is the Lord good?


And how should the Israelite wait for the salvation (ultimate restoration) of the Lord while going through affliction (Lam.3:1, 19) – Lam. 3:26?


Do you silently wait for the Lord’s restoration/deliverance of you from affliction He’s brought upon you due to unrepentant (no change in your thinking regarding the) sin in your life, or do you argue/quarrel with God about His disciplining you, and why?


“Yahal/Yachal” (Hebrew) means patience in looking ahead eagerly with confident expectation; wait; it focuses on the believer’s present experience as he/she looks ahead because he/she knows God and trusts Him.


Job 14:13-14       What did Job say he will do all the days of his struggle until change (death) came?


Are you willing to wait patiently through your struggles/trials all the days of your life till the day you die, and why?


1 Sam. 10:8; 13:8-14      What did the prophet Samuel tell king Saul to do in Gilgal?


However, what did Saul do because Samuel didn’t come by the time Saul thought Samuel should be there?


What excuses did Saul give for disobeying God’s prophet Samuel?


Was Samuel really late, or did he actually arrive on the seventh day as he said he would?

What consequences did king Saul suffer for not waiting like God told him?


Do you ever partially wait for the Lord to do something that He’s promised, only to take matters into your own hands because you’re in a rush?

If so, what, and why?


Psa. 69:3

What was true of David as he waited for God to save him from his adversaries (vss. 1-8), who hated David without a cause?


Do you wait for God to deliver you from your adversaries when they hate you for no justifiable reason, even when your emotions are telling you to take matters into your own hands, or what do you do, and why?


Psa. 147:11       Whom does the Lord favor?


Based on the fact that the Lord favors those who wait for His lovingkindness, would you say He favors you?

Are you waiting for God’s lovingkindness to give you a needed car, house/apartment, food, clothes, job, finances, or a wanted spouse, child, disciple, Bible study group, ministry, or health?

Or, are you rushing to acquire any of these things in your own strength, timing, or way?



What’s the difference between being responsible for a thing by taking the initiative to acquire it and waiting upon the Lord for Him to do it?



Is the cliché, “God helps those who help themselves” a biblical principle or a popular, man-made saying?


“Chakah” (Hebrew) means to wait.


Psa. 106:13-15    For what didn’t Israel wait?

Do you rush into things you really crave before getting God’s counsel on the matter (e.g., a relationship, job, higher education, etc.)?

What was the result of Israel failing to get God’s counsel and simply pursuing their own desires?


[If you’re rushing into a marriage, purchasing a car or home, getting a particular job/career, going to a particular college, moving to a particular location, participating in a particular sport, getting involved in a particular church or religious activity without first getting God’s counsel, then you may suffer drastic consequences like Israel did.].

How does a person wait for God’s counsel (Psa. 119:97-104; Prov. 1:5; 12:15; 19:20-21)?


Are you getting God’s counsel by knowing the Bible really well and by getting godly advice from wise, spiritually mature Christians who know and obey the Bible really well, and why?


Isa. 64:4          Whom does the Lord act in behalf of?


Is the Lord acting on your behalf for this reason?

If so, give an example of when and how.


 “Perimeno” (Gk.) means to wait for an event – Dr. L. Richards, Expository Dictionary of Bible Words, p. 343.


Acts 1:4     What did Jesus command His disciples to do?


Do you wait for the things God has promised you in the following passages, or do you try to take matters into your own hands because you’re in a rush?



  • Taking God’s way of escape (by turning to the Lord for help through being Spirit-filled and exercising the fruit of self-control) when you’re tempted – 1 Cor. 10:13?
  • Toiling in the work of the Lord (i.e., evangelism) instead of quitting because God says it’s not in vain – 1 Cor. 15:58?
  • Getting bountifully (both materially and spiritually) when you sow/give bountifully – 2 Cor. 9:6?
  • Reaping (spiritually and/or eternal rewards) if you don’t grow weary because you’re doing good (supporting God’s work) – Gal. 6:9?
  • Extinguishing the flaming missiles of the devil when you take up the shield of faith (by believing what God says) – Eph. 6:16?
  • Having God’s peace when you share your requests with God about your concerns instead of worrying – Phil. 4:6-7?
  • Having all your material needs met if you’ve been supporting Christian missions/evangelism – Phil. 4:18-19; or are fearing the Lord (hating sin and obeying God, Prov. 8:13; Deut. 17:19) and seeking (an intimate relationship with) Him – Psa. 34:9-10?
  • Having boldness/power, love, and discipline available in your life if you’re Spirit-filled – 2 Tim. 1:7?
  • Getting wisdom to deal with trials in your life – James 1:5-7?
  • Having the devil flee from you when you continually submit to God and resist the devil – James 4:7?
  • Experiencing God’s forgiveness for all your sins if you’ve confessed them to God – 1 Jn. 1:9?
  • Having your prayers answered if you’ve prayed according to God’s will – 1 Jn. 5:14-15?


 “Apekdechomai” (Greek) means to await eagerly; to wait for.


Rom. 8:23      For what was Paul and the Christians at Rome waiting eagerly?


Are you waiting eagerly for the redemption of your body (i.e., going to heaven with your new, glorified body, Phil. 3:20-21)?

If so, how would other people know it by the way you live (e.g., your conversations, time and money usage, etc.)?


“Prosdechomai” (Greek) means to look for with a view to favorable reception; to wait for.


Jude 1:21      For what does Jude tell his audience to wait anxiously?

Are you waiting anxiously for the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ to eternal life, or would you rather it not happen yet because you want to get married first or raise a family first or do something else first?



“Makrothumeo” (Greek) means to wait patiently.


Heb. 6:13-15

What was the result of Abraham patiently waiting upon God to bless/multiply him, that is, his seed (Gen. 22:17)?

How long did Abraham wait to see just the beginning of that promise being fulfilled (see Gen. 12:1-4 with Gen. 21:5)?


[During the 25 years that Abraham waited for God’s promise, he had his moments of doubting (Gen. 15:2-3). Also during this time of waiting, Abraham tried to help God out by having sexual relations with his maid (Gen. 16:1-2, 15-16), but God didn’t need Abraham’s help (Gen. 17:1, 15-19).].

Have you ever waited a lot of years to see the fulfillment of something God promised you in the Bible?

If so, what?


And have you ever doubted any of God’s promises to you while you waited for them?

Or, have you ever tried to help God out in fulfilling His promises because you were in a rush for them?

If so, what, and why?


In spite of Abraham’s lapse of faith at times, did he trust God (Rom. 4:19-21) in the end?


Heb. 11:13       What did some believers not receive in their life-times?

But when would they receive what was promised?

Are there any promises that God has made to you that you expect to receive after you’re dead?

If so, which (e.g., 1 Cor. 3:13-15; 15:22; 2 Cor. 5:1; 1 Thes. 4:16-17; 2 Tim. 2:11-12)?


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