The Hebrew word “aheb” means “a strong emotional attachment to and desire to possess or be in the presence of”.


Psa. 11:5    What do some people love?


But what does the Lord think about people who love violence?


Do you love video games or movies that have violence in them, or boxing matches, or real-life people physically fighting each other, and why?


If so, do you see the Lord hating (rejecting and detesting) you, and why?


Psa. 34:12       What do some people love?


If you want to potentially live a long life, what should you do, Psa. 34:13-14?


Is it wrong to want to live a long life, and why?


Psa. 119:140        What does the Psalmist love, and why?


Do you love God’s Word, the Bible, and why?


Prov. 12:1         If a person loves discipline/correction, what does he/she love?


Do you love being corrected by people, so that you will have the knowledge to be able to live right, and why?


Prov. 17:17           What does a friend love at all times?


Do you love the people to whom you are a friend to, and why?


Prov. 17:19           If a person loves transgression/sin, what does he/she love?


[If you love sinning, you’ll also love quarreling/strife.].


Prov. 19:8      What does the person who gets wisdom (lives sensibly) love?


If you love your life/soul in a proper way (are genuinely concerned about your moral well-being), then what’s one thing you will want to do/get/pursue?


Prov. 21:17        What will happen to the person who loves (lives for worldly) pleasure (wine and oil)?


Do you love carnal pleasures so much that your money is being wasted and your life is controlled by your feelings of pleasure rather than by the will of God?


Prov. 22:11          What can give a person friendship with leaders in high positions?


Do you love purity of life (in your motives, actions, and speech)?

If so, how do you show it?


Eccles. 5:10        What will be true of the person who loves money and wealth?


Have you found this to be true either in your own life or in observing the lives of others?


Isa. 1:23     What did all the rulers of Jerusalem love?


Have you ever loved getting money or a favor in order to be influenced to act, vote, or say something in a certain way for the person who bribed you?


Matt. 10:37        Who is not worthy of being a disciple/close follower/trainee of Jesus Christ?


Who do you love more, and why?


And how do you show that you love that person/people more?


Lk. 7:5        What did the Roman centurion love?


Do you love the nation of Israel, and why?


Why should we bless (wish success and prosperity for) Israel, Num. 24:9?


Lk. 7:47      Who tends to love Jesus only a little?


If you think you were a pretty good person (that you weren’t that great of a sinner) before you became a Christian, then you won’t think that you’ve been forgiven all that much and, in turn, probably won’t love the Lord all that much either. How about you?


Jn. 12:25       What will happen to the person who loves his physical life and all its self-centered, worldly desires and pleasures instead of dying to self and trusting in Christ as Savior?


Do you love your non-Christian, self-centered, worldly life more than you do abandoning/rejecting it and instead trusting in Christ as your Savior, and why?


Jn. 14:21, 23        Who loves Christ?


Do you love Jesus?

If so, how do you show it?


Rom. 13:8; 1 Jn. 4:21    Who are we Christians commanded to love?


Do you love your fellow Christians/brothers?

If so, how, and how often?


1 Jn. 2:15   What is true of the person who loves the world (the self-centered, anti-biblical goals, values, pleasures, and interests of unbelievers)?


Do you love the world or God, and why?


If it’s God, how do you show it?


3 Jn. 1:9     Who loves to be first (pre-eminent; top person/leader) among his church?


Do you love to be the most popular, in the lime-light, hold the top position, be the most influential, have the last word, etc. in your church, youth group, or Bible study group, and why?


Rev. 22:15        What do some people love and practice?


Do you love to lie, and why?


2 Tim. 3:2, 4        What three things are many people lovers of instead of being lovers of God?


Are you a lover of any of these three things, and why?


If you are, what do you plan to do about it, how soon, and why?


Let us know what you think.