“Discipline” (Hebrew “misar” and Greek “paideuo”) – means punishment, instruction, or correction.


Job 5:17          Why shouldn’t a person despise the discipline/correction of the Almighty?


Why do you think that the person who is reproved (shown to be wrong; has disapproval expressed toward him) by God is happy?


When God disciplines you, do you despise it?



What are some ways that God reproves people?


Prov. 3:11       What did Solomon advise his son to not reject?

Do you reject the discipline/correction of the Lord, and why?


Prov. 6:23-24       What are the way of life (that which will keep a man from death, either physically and/or spiritually) to keep a person from the evil women?

How do you feel when someone reproves you (out of love for you) to discipline/instruct you in order to protect you, and why?


Prov. 12:1       What does the person who loves discipline/instruction love?

Do you love (practical and/or moral) knowledge?                If so, then what do you also need to love?


Why do these two qualities go together?


Prov. 13:1       What is true of a wise son (or daughter)?

Would you consider yourself a wise son (daughter), and why?


If so, give a specific example of when you accepted your father’s (or spiritual leader’s) correction.


Prov. 13:18     What will come to the person who neglects discipline/correction/instruction, and why?


Do you neglect discipline?



When was the last time someone corrected you?


And what did the person correct you on (if you care to say)?


How did you respond to the correction, and why?


Prov. 13:24     What does the person who loves his son do?

Has your father loved by earnestly and energetically disciplining (correcting; instructing) you?


Heb. 12:6        Whom does the Lord discipline?

How much has the Lord expressed His love toward you in this way?


When was the last time the Lord disciplined (instructed; corrected) you for faulty behavior?


And how did He do it (if you care to say)?


Prov. 15:10     For whom is stern discipline/correction?

Have you ever been disciplined sternly because you forsook the way (of the Lord)?

If so, give a specific example.


Prov. 15:32     Who despises himself?


Why do you think people neglect discipline/correction?


Is this ever true of you, and why?


Prov. 19:18     When should you discipline your son?

When do you think there is no longer hope, and why?


Prov. 19:20     Why should a person listen to counsel and accept discipline/correction?

Would you consider yourself a wise person based on these characteristics?



Prov. 19:27     What will happen to the person who ceases listening to discipline/instruction/correction?


Are you straying from the words of knowledge (practical truths) for this reason?



Prov. 22:15; 23:13     What will the rod of discipline remove?


Did your parents ever spank you?

If so, what has it done for you?


Prov. 23:12     What should a person apply his/her heart to (diligently desire)?

Do you diligently desire corrective instruction, and why?


If so, give a specific example of where you’ve done this.


1 Cor. 11:30-33     When we are judged by the Lord (with physical weakness, sickness, or even death at times), we are what, and why?


[“that we may not be” – to show that we Christians won’t be.  See Heb. 12:5-8].

When was the last time you were disciplined/punished by the Lord?


What happened (if you care to share it)?


Let us know what you think.