Do you have a hard time expressing your feelings or emotions?  Are you ever at a loss as to find the right word to describe how you feel?  Hopefully, this list of feelings and their definitions will help you to assess or express what you’re feeling.

Disappointed – defeated or failure in your expectation or hope.

Frustrated – discouraged, dissatisfied, or disappointed in/with some endeavor or purpose.

Affection – a feeling of fondness or tender attachment.

Love – a strong liking or affection for someone; a warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion for something.

Hate – a strong dislike or ill-will for; despise; intense hostility for.

Angry – a strong feeling of displeasure and usually antagonism; emotional agitation.

Irritated/Annoyed – excited to impatience, anger, or displeasure; provoked; peeved.

Resentment – a feeling of indignant displeasure or persistent ill will from a sense of a wrong, insult, or injury committed.

Bitter – a strong feeling of hatred, resentment, or cynicism.

Disturbed – tranquility or peace destroyed; upset; perturbed; agitated; troubled.

Hurt – feeling mental/emotional pain or distress; offended or wounded feelings.

Uneasy – feeling uncomfortable; awkward; restless.

Restless – a feeling of discontent; not satisfied.

Bored – feeling void of interest; dissatisfied.

Content – feeling self-sufficient; satisfied.

Peaceful – untroubled; calm; tranquil.

Accepted — feeling approved; received favorably; belonging.

Inadequate – feeling that you’re not sufficient, capable, or good enough for something.

Jealous – feeling unfriendly toward another because of something they have and of which you want the same for yourself; it is resentfully suspicious of a rival’s influence.

Envy – a feeling of displeasure produced by witnessing or hearing of the advantage or prosperity of another. It desires to deprive another of what he has. It is ill-will, malice, spite toward the possessor of whose qualities it covets, and often strives to degrade that person.

Pleasure – a feeling of enjoyment; delight; satisfaction; or gratification.

Grief – intense emotional suffering caused by loss, etc.; acute sorrow; deep sadness.

Happy – a feeling of great pleasure; glad; pleased; contented.

Cheerful – joyful; glad.

Delight – a high degree of obvious pleasure.

Depressed – sad; low in spirits; dejected; feeling gloomy.

Sad – downcast; unhappy.

Despair – a loss of hope; giving up hope.

Distressed – mental strain imposed by pain, trouble, worry, etc.

Worry – distressed in the mind; troubled or uneasy.

Lonely – unhappy at being alone; longing for friends.

Fear – feeling anxiety and agitation caused by the presence or nearness of danger.

Embarrassed – feeling self-conscious, confused, and ill-at-ease; flustered.

Impatient – feeling annoyed because of delay, opposition, etc.; eagerness to do something,

Concerned – interested in or regard for; care about.

Indignant – righteous anger aroused by what is considered unjust, mean, or shameful.

Ashamed – feeling shame, guilt, or disgrace; feeling unworthy.

Enthused – thrilled; strong excitement; zeal.

Sympathy – emotional accord or affinity; sharing the feelings of another.


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