A misconception is defined as a misunderstanding. That pretty well describes the problem I had with God. I had a misconception of what His personality was like because I didn’t understand some of the things I saw in the world.

While in high school, some friends and I started studying books on philosophy and psychology. We discussed the world situation and the problems we saw in Guatemala – the misery and the backwardness of the poor people. Looking at these facts, I arrived at this conclusion: the world’s problems were God’s fault.

Even though this seemed like a logical conclusion, this was difficult for me to accept, and my mind struggled with it for several days.

One afternoon the director of our school invited my class to see a film. I went and was very impressed. The film gave me a new view of God. It showed Him as the God of love and not as the creator of hatred and evil that I had decided He was. I began to understand that it was man’s imperfection, not God, that caused the world’s problems.

I thought about this for a week. I then attended a Campus Christians meeting, and I found my interest growing in this God I had misunderstood.

That afternoon a Campus Christians staff member told me how I could know God better by trusting in Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, and so I did.

I see now how God really is love. This doesn’t mean I never have problems, but I now have Christ. I can bear these problems because I believe the affirmation He made in John 10:10: ” …I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly.” It is strange to think that before I so completely misunderstood what God is like. I now see clearly that God is love.

Arturo Jimenez, Guatemala


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