Like many people, I was unconsciously searching for that evasive little creature called happiness, but didn’t know where to find it.

While growing up in an average, middle-class, American family, I had the opportunity of having everything that I needed and nearly everything that I wanted as well, materially speaking.  Yet a void existed in my life.  And though my parents loved me and provided a good, secure home life, something was still missing.  In spite of the fact that friends, academic achievements, honors, and popularity were not at all lacking in my life, I still wasn’t satisfied.  And though I was involved in various hobbies and sporting events, none of these things permanently filled the emptiness that I had within.

Then, the discovery to my unconscious searching for happiness came one day when a college student shared with me why Jesus Christ came to earth.  He explained that Jesus Christ came for the express purpose of dying on the cross as payment for the penalty of all my wrong actions, attitudes, and words.  This college student went on to say that I could experience the joy of being rightly related to God through faith in Jesus Christ, and that I could have the assurance of eternal life in God’s presence in heaven when I died.  Because this made sense to me, I went ahead and as an act of my will, I placed my trust in Christ’s death as the complete payment for the total forgiveness of all my sins, and then I invited Christ to take up residence in my life as personal Savior.

I can vividly remember that the void which was once present in my life was now gone, and has since that time never reappeared.  Likewise, the worries of life which once plagued me vanished.  Though I’m still often confronted with tense situations and difficult times, I can relax knowing that God is in control of my life.  I would have to say that the three words which best describe the life I’m now experiencing are: peace, joy, and fulfillment.

Where is happiness?  Well, for me at least, it’s in knowing that I have a right relationship with my Creator through faith in Jesus Christ my Lord.



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