“Sound the trumpet! Citizens, layman, and peasants, make way! For the prince of Africa is in your midst.” This type of thinking was usually vaporized by my morning alarm clock. If only I could rule the world. My desire and vision was to be worshiped and praised by people. In order to attain my goal, I became a friend to all. To the upper class whites, I put on sophistication and ambition, to the blacks, I emphasized culture and unity, and to the ladies, I was smooth and deceitfully charming. My family and society painted a clear picture on how to become significant and successful. This was through the avenue of “higher” education, namely college. “This is where leaders are born!”, or so, I thought. I quickly became discouraged in the world of academia because there was so much competition. On account of my performance and grades not being impressive, I said to myself, “I might as well absorb the ‘fun’ out of college.” So I partied like there was no tomorrow. My life was consumed with shameless immorality and the experimentation of alcohol and drugs. However, after the passions and euphoria dissipated, a heavy load of depression and emptiness filled my soul. As a result, I found myself going nowhere.

Then one day, I was approached by a stranger on campus. He shared with me a booklet on how to get to heaven. I agreed that God loved me and that He sent His Son to die for my sins, but I was stumped by his final question. He asked, “If you were to die today, why would God let you into heaven?”. I responded by saying, I didn’t really know. So he gently read and explained to me the booklet again. This time it made sense! Due to my sins, God sent His Son, Jesus, to pay the penalty for all my sins, by dying on the cross. So I placed my trust in this fact and knew that I was now completely forgiven and would have eternal life with God in heaven.

After accepting Christ as my Savior, I noticed gradual changes. I enjoyed reading the Bible, and God gave me the ability to understand His Word. I also developed a burden for those who did not know Jesus as their personal Savior. But the Christian life is not a bed of roses. I struggled for years before surrendering my life entirely to the Lord. I had an inclination to be king over my life and to receive the adoration of others, until I encountered a few Christians on campus who were serving the Lord as their supreme master. As we began to meet, they explained that God has given all Christians a purpose in life. I wanted to inquire more, so they invited me to a Bible study. It became evident that God’s purpose for my life was found directly in His Word, the Bible. And that purpose is to evangelize the spiritually lost, to build up believers spiritually, and to live a holy life. By the grace of God and in the power of His Spirit, my days of wild partying, taking drugs and alcohol, and participating in sexual immorality have lost their pulse and are now lifeless. Now I’m serving the Lord with zeal, joy, and gladness. The Lord has taught me that my allegiance belongs to Him. As it says in Psalm 146:1, 3, “Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. O my soul, put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.”

D. Lahai, Texas


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