My parents were devout Buddhists, and their ambition for me was that I continue to follow in their footsteps. They always spoke of peace and happiness in Buddhism; but I could tell that they
were not happy.

When I was 12, a gospel team came to our village and told us about Jesus Christ. One notorious neighbor became a Christian and was so changed by Christ that many others also accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, including myself.

Although I did not have any dramatic change, I could tell within that I had new life through Christ. I wanted to do things pleasing to God. I could forgive people who did me wrong. I wanted to do good for people.

As I grew older, I realized that God wanted to do more in my life. As I allowed Him to be Lord over every part of my life, I found compassion for those who don’t know Christ. And whenever I have a chance to tell someone about Christ, I feel joy in my heart.

I know that Buddhism is not the answer to the happiness of human beings. That is one reason that I believe Christ is a verv real solution to the problems in my country. I want to work among churches, the students and the government of Thailand, telling them about Christ.

Somdee Poosawtsee, Thailand


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