One day while I was studying, a woman came up and introduced herself to me. She told me her name, and that she represented a Christian Movement in Latin America). She was taking an interview to discover the attitude of the students toward religion and church.

One of the questions she asked was, “Who is Jesus Christ according to your understanding?” I had always thought deeply and tried to understand certain things which seem unexplainable to me. One of these, I told her, was the doubt that I had as to who Jesus was and even as to His real existence. I explained that I went to church and had always been taught to believe in the presence of God, but I was confused. I could not put my ideas in order, they were so abstract and empty.

Then she shared with me a booklet similar to the Four Steps to Peace and Eternal Life that explained how to be completely forgiven of my sins and have a personal relationship with God. She assured me with much confidence and faith that if I put my faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior that He would save me from my sins and hell, so I trusted in Christ as my personal Savior.

I began to see my life changing. One of the first evidences of the presence of God in my life was that at the moment I received Christ as my Savior, I felt I could become a good nurse with the help of God. Also I found that I wanted to share this same good news about Jesus with others as that woman had shared with me.

Maria Rodriguez

Student Nurse, National University of Panama


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