Are you new to praying and not sure what to pray for or about?  Do you run out of ideas? Do you find your mind wandering in prayer?  Do you get distracted easily or lose concentration?  Here is a list of ideas to develop your conversation with God, keep you going, and help you maintain focus.  Enjoy your time with God!



God for His attributes:  eternality, self-sufficiency, infinitude, immutability, faithfulness, omniscience, omnipotence, all-wisdom, omnipresence, goodness, justice, righteousness, mercy, grace, love, holiness, sovereignty, truthfulness, wrath, patience, and forgiveness.

God for His works:  in creation, His miracles, His deliverance, protection, and promises.


To God for:  your salvation; the salvation of others you know; your and others’ health; your and others’ sound mind; your and others’ education; your and others’ safety/protection; your and others’ material possessions (e.g., automobile, bike, books, equipment, furniture, supplies, etc.); your and others’ material provisions (e.g., food, drink/water, clothes, shelter, finances, electricity, plumbing, etc.); your and others’ spiritual resources (e.g., Bibles, Christian books, pamphlets, booklets, magazines, audio tapes/CDs, videos, etc.); your and others’ spiritual leaders; your and others’ trainees and Bible study group members; your and others’ God-given talents, abilities, and spiritual gifts; your and others’ spiritual inheritance; your and others’ families; the peace and freedom in this country; Christ-controlled politicians; answered prayer; etc.


of your sins; the sins of your church/group; and of your nation.


For:  your and others’ spiritual growth (e.g., being teachable, eager to learn, faithful, being obedient to God/His Word, the Bible and your spiritual leaders, having a supreme love for God, caring, loving, hospitable, giving, selfless/servant spirit, patient, forgiving, committed, truthful/honest, sincere/genuine, humble, sensitive, joyful, persevering, co-operative, discerning/wise, disciplined, responsible/dependable, encouraging, trusting in God, spiritually-minded, kind, sober, grateful, understanding, wholehearted/diligent, punctual, thrifty, secure in Christ, good/biblical self-image, lover of God’s Word and prayer, etc.); opportunities to witness/evangelize; faithful Bible study group members to teach and disciples to train; spiritual revival among the Christians of this country (and other nations/cities/states); spiritual purity among the churches, Christian organizations and their leadership in this country (also that they not compromise either in doctrine or life but be true and pure); spiritual purity among the Bible schools and seminaries and their faculty in this country (and elsewhere); wisdom and spiritual/moral-mindedness for our government leaders – that their decisions, actions, and laws would be just/fair/righteous (e.g., the U.S. President, his cabinet, the State Department, Congress, the Supreme Court Justices, all the judges of our nation, governors, mayors, state legislators, police, etc.); you and the Christians you fellowship with (to be of one heart, mind, and purpose; to be Christ-controlled in all areas at all times and never deceived); that all demonic powers/spirits be bound by God from ever controlling/influencing your or your fellow Christians’ lives; for all your and your fellow Christians needs to be supplied; for wisdom, good health, and purity of life for your spiritual leader(s); for the Christians of this nation (or others) to return to doing aggressive/initiative evangelism and Christ-styled discipleship; for you to be bold/unashamed in sharing your Christian faith, values, standards, perspectives, and morals at home, school, work, in your neighborhood, and with relatives, friends, and strangers;  for you and your fellow Christians to have singleness of purpose (to glorify God through faith in Him and loving obedience to Him in doing the mission of evangelism and building up Christians spiritually while growing into Christ-likeness personally); for you and your fellow Christians to be fully committed to serving the Lord (not halfhearted); for God to comfort/encourage those Christians, especially those who are being persecuted for their faith or who are suffering through trials; for specific individuals and their specific needs or problems; for you and those Christians you know to not get entangled in the affairs of everyday life, but to die to self-desire, be willing to die for Christ and follow Him fully.


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